You know your pupils are making progress, but how can you prove it?

DfE progress measures leave many schools feeling the odds are stacked against them. No recognition of context, major concerns about data validity, a lack of reliable interim measures, and an inability to predict outcomes all result in schools feeling lost and vulnerable.

No one knows where they stand until it’s too late.

It’s little wonder that so many schools have resorted to levels-style tracking systems, but such approaches are inaccurate, have no link to official measures and risk compromising the effectiveness of teacher assessment.

What if there was a reliable alternative to this unfair system?

One that would help you fight back and prove that real progress is being made, term-by-term and year-by-year.

One that’s based on regular and accurate, low stakes assessment.

One that doesn’t compromise teacher assessment or increase teacher workload.

Say hello to Progress Bank!

Progress Bank is not another tracking system; it’s powered by the test scores that you upload. Standardised scores from commercial test providers such as NFER, Rising Stars, and GL Assessment; KS1 and KS2 scaled scores; the results of baseline assessments – all are accepted in Progress Bank.

We’ll pool your results with those from other schools, creating groups of pupils with similar prior attainment. This enables a zero-centred measurement of progress, similar to that calculated at the end of KS2, but one that’s based on your standardised tests.

So you can pick any two assessments and see the progress for that period. Then use the interactive report to easily interrogate key groups.
Reliable progress measures and accurate gap analysis for pupils, groups and cohorts based on the tests you already use – that’s the power of Progress Bank

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How much does Progress Bank cost?

At the moment Progress Bank is free to use. We’re currently collecting data to be analysed and collated. Once Progress Bank goes into full production we’ll get in touch to discuss pricing.


Upload any standardised scores taken at any point. It doesn't matter if you use a variety of tests or change provider.
Accurately measure progress between any two points, including key stage results, and take account of interim assessments.
Measure progress from your own baseline. Vital for junior and middle schools.
Benchmark pupils' progress against other pupils nationally with similar starting points.
Challenge Ofsted and DfE measures with alternative, credible progress data presented in the same format.
Access reports on pupils, groups and cohorts via an intuitive, interactive dashboard.
Monitor gaps between groups and compare performance of schools.
Find historical data from previous schools.
You own the data. Request its removal at any time.

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